J-Cloth 3000 - Evolution

SOURCE:, 2012

New Dura Dray, microfibre wipe

SOURCE:, 2014

Industrial Hygiene

SOURCE:, 2012

Spill control environmental - SORBENTS

SOURCE:, 2011

Herzkraft provides industrial hygiene products, which respond to all necessities of a company.  Our range includes products for washrooms, paper rolls with different plies, cleaning wipes with own features, sorbents and absorption materials, cleaning products for hands and dispensers for the majority of products.

Nonwoven wipes and paper rolls, microfiber or with different plies, are necessary in automotive industry, heavy industry, building care, health care and food & HORECA. Masking products from automotive domain are essential in car repair and protection, but also in dyeing industry.

Our Herzkraft products offers solutions, which can be custom regarding the clients applications and needs.

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